Take Back Your Storeroom Shelves By Switching to the HERA Gearbox

Take Back Your Storeroom Shelves By Switching to the HERA Gearbox

You might’ve heard how Hub City’s HERA® (High-Efficiency Right Angle) Gear Reducer offers up to 40% energy savings, or how their compact HERA Gearbox performs at 90% efficiency, or even that their FDA-Approved, IP 69K Stainless Steel HERA is the best choice for harsh or wet environments

…but have you considered what the HERA could do for your storeroom inventory?

Consolidate Your SKU’shub city HERA gearbox

As storeroom managers know, inventory space is critical. HERA is the only gearbox on the market to deliver inventory reduction via fewer SKUs.

For 792 primary SKU’s ranging from a 1.75” to a 6.00” CD in the Worm Gear product line, HERA offers 64 primary SKU’s to cover that same scope. That means the HERA gearbox offers you the chance to reduce your inventory of potential SKU’s by 92%.

How does it do this?

The HERA has a higher torque density than worm gear products, which means it can safely transmit more torque in an even smaller package size.

“With HERA‘s increased torque density and modular conversion kits, one size can replace many worm reducer models of varying size. It’s a great play for any company looking to simplify their maintenance inventory,” says Simon Odland, new product development manager at Hub City.

What a simplified inventory means for your business

When fewer gearboxes are required for the job, businesses will undoubtedly save on inventory dollars long-term: “On the front end, [the HERA] is going to cost more than your standard worm gear reducer, but when it’s all said and done, you won’t need nearly as many spare gearboxes and that’s your cost savings,” says Tim Zerger, Product Group Director for Bearings and Power Transmission.

In addition, lower quantities and smaller package sizes will significantly increase available shelf space in storerooms, opening up room to stock products for a broader range of applications.

Taking back control of storeroom space offers storeroom managers the chance to also take back time spent managing their inventory; The HERA gearbox was designed to work harder and, ultimately, lighten your load, not add to it.

HERA Gearbox Accessories Add Versatility

Not only does it work harder, it’s also more versatile. High torque density significantly broadens the range of practical applications for each model size and Hub City has developed a series of modular conversion hardware accessories that allows four HERA gearbox models to cover a market currently held by eleven industry-standard worm reducer sizes.

“For example,” Zerger explains, “Hub City offers an array of base kits with different thicknesses so that by the time you replace the gearbox you have, you can build an identical gearbox dimensionally.”

Add in the modular output shafting and a host of other options, and you can literally consolidate thousands of worm reducer products into a small sample of HERA gearboxes and a handful of accessories.

Product Interchange Made Easy

Whether installing in a new system or replacing a worn-out worm reducer, HERA users have the option to select the product based on either physical size or torque rating.

  • Select the physical size you need and you get a tougher, longer lasting gearbox.
  • Select it for its torque capabilities, and you get a smaller, lighter, often more economical package.

“Whatever brand you have, call us and we can easily interchange it for you,” Zerger says. “if you have an excessive amount of worm gear reducers, IBT and Hub City will come out and survey your plant to find you the perfect replacement counterparts you need.

Additionally, in 2014, Hub City came out with a free, easy-to-use Android and iPhone app that helps you calculate the replacement from a worm gear reducer to the HERA. Find the right HERA gearbox units, applicable kits and product ratings using your current application’s physical parameters or competitor worm model number.


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