The Benefits of Hub City High Efficiency Gear Boxes

The Benefits of Hub City High Efficiency Gear Boxes

What’s the problem with worm gears?

For years, industry used worm gear reducers. A worm gear unit is very inefficient. The sliding action of the worm and worm gears create heat, which equates to lost efficiency. This friction makes them about 65% efficient. If you have a 1 HP motor input, you are only getting a little over 1/2 HP output power at the output shaft.

What makes high efficiency units so appealing?

High efficiency units use helical and helical worm gearing. Rubbing action does not occur due to the gear design, which makes the gear box run cooler and quieter. The result is a gear box that’s 98.5% efficient.

High efficiency gearing comes in a smaller package. Now you can put a smaller gear box in the place of your old worm gear reducer and it will deliver more HP and torque at the output shaft. For the same 1 HP drive with a similar ratio, a high efficiency unit could be rated for 2 – 3 HP.

 Right Angle Helical Worm HW 2000 Series

  • Precision Crowned Helical Gearing
  • High Capacity Bronze Alloy Worm Gear & Hardened Worm Shaft
  • 6:1 thru 3460:1 Ratios
  • 1/4 thru 23 HP

 In-Line HI 4000 Series

  • Double, Triple & Quad Reduction
  • Precision Crowned Gears
  • Foot or Flange Mount
  • 2.25:1 thru 3334:1 Ratios
  • .014 thru 125 HP

 Right Angle Helical HB 2000 Series

  • High Efficiency Helical &
  • Spiral Bevel Gearing
  • Competitive Interchangeability
  • 6.5:1 thru 3000:1 Ratios
  • 1/4 thru 55 HP
    A helical worm right angle design puts higher speed helical gears in the front of the worm set. Since the worm gear set is running slower, there is less heat generated and therefore the drive is more efficient.

Hub City high efficiency units can replace many other high efficiency European gear reducer brands, as well as old worm style gear reducers. Many times, for the same money and size for size, you can double output torque by utilizing a high efficiency Hub City unit instead of a standard worm gear unit.

Let’s look at an application:

Conveyor Application Sample
3 HP, 1750 Input Speed, 25:1 Ratio, 70 RPM Output Speed, 1.0 Service Factor
Hub City Unit Standard High Efficiency Unit
Model # 384 HB 2043ED25.10 182TC B3
Rated Input HP 3 HP 4.2 HP
Output Torque 1750 In Lbs 3540 In Lbs
182 TC Frame Yes Yes
Output Speed 70 70
Output Shaft Size 1 1/2” 1 1/4”
Total Height 7.4375” 7.48”
Total Length 10.562” 13.74”
Total Width 5.375” 5.71”
Weight 84 Lbs 66 Lbs
Price $ 1185 $ 1172

IBT’s Hub City High Efficiency Gear Box Build Program

We build Hub City’s High Efficiency Helical-Bevel Gear Drives, High Efficiency Helical In-Line Drives and High Efficiency Helical-Worm Gear Drives in our Build & Repair Center. Ratios vary.

Gear boxes can be assembled with a standard input shaft for couplings or V-belt drives. C-face clamp style inputs are also available.

Output configurations are available in solid, hollow bore and taper bushed. These units come with synthetic oil and are assembled in less than 2 hours thanks to Hub City’s modular design. Input and output sections arrive preassembled with pinions, shafts, bearings, seals, housing and gears. Gears mounted on the intermediate shafts determine the final ratio.

Remember, for all your gear box needs – new, built-to-order, or repair – contact your local IBT office or representative for a presentation of IBT’s Hub City High Efficiency Gear Box Build Program.



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