Controls are Better from KB Electronics

Controls are Better from KB Electronics

Image courtesy of KB ElectronicsKB Electronics continues to dominate the fractional to 5-horsepower DC Drive Speed Control market. While DC motors and drives offer the user the ultimate in high performance, small size and low cost, small AC motors and drives are challenging that very concept. Our goal was to develop a line of AC Drives that would and could replace DC controls. Today KB offers AC Drives that match the performance of DC drives but fit within the same footprint or are smaller than their DC counterparts.

Everything you have read about KB products in the past is still true however, a whole new chapter of the future of KB Electronics is being written.

Many of KB’s Penta-Power products contain the patented KBMM current limit circuit, other products feature current feedback loops with motor burnout protection. KB’s PWM controls are short circuit proof and prevent high speed runaway. KB controls will satisfy your most demanding requirements.

Image courtesy of KB Electronics


Most of today’s motors are of the permanent magnet type. Under certain conditions, such as frequent starting or accidental jam ups, the magnets in these motors can become demagnetized. Demagnetization does not occur instantly but is cumulative with time. This results in a loss of speed and efficiency at rated torque. In fact, most motor manufacturers publish a specification sheet indicating the demagnetization current for their motors.

To eliminate this potential problem, KB’s engineering staff designed and patented the fastest current limit circuit available. It is a high-speed, direct-fedTM, anti demagnetization circuit.Your motor will not become demagnetized when using any of our Penta-Power products.

Some Penta-Power controls have built-in motor burnout protection. If the motor should stall or jam, our TCL circuit will shut down the control. For controls without built-in motor burnout protection, we offer an accessory with this capability, the Current Sensing Overload Relay module (KBAP-240D).


Competitors turn up their noses at KB’s (Automatic Calibrating) Plug-in Horsepower Resistor®, indicating that it is an unnecessary nuisance. With the Plug-in Horsepower Resistor® you eliminate the need to calibrate the current limit and IR Comp trimpots. Accurate setting of these trimpots is required for safe, reliable and repeatable performance. Each and every KB control is factory calibrated so that when the proper Plug-in Horsepower Resistor® is utilized, the control is automatically calibrated…no adjustments are required.

The Plug-in Horsepower Resistor® is similar to a fuse. You select the right size fuse to provide maximum protection. Likewise you choose the right size Plug-in Horsepower Resistor® for maximum motor protection. Our competitors offer one control (maximum rating 1 Hp) and ask you to calibrate the IR and CL circuits for proper operation. We could have done the same but we have eliminated the need to have you calibrate the control for proper operation and motor protection.

If you have multiple applications with various horsepower motor ranges, it is unnecessary to inventory a large assortment of controls. One control with inexpensive Plug-in Horsepower Resistors® will solve your needs and reduce your inventory. No other competitor can offer these savings.

Many of KB’s more sophisticated controls, such as the NEMA IV and Regenerative Drives, utilize Quick Jumps to select proper horsepower or current settings, eliminating the need to adjust the IR and CL.

This means reduced production cost since you can eliminate calibrating each and every control on the production line. The dangers of not having a properly calibrated control are as shown in table:

If some tune-up is necessary, KB provides custom designed trimpot knobs which are easy to use. These knobs protect the top of the trimpots from grounding. Some competitors’ trimpots are not protected and are easily short circuited during calibration.

Why not reduce production costs by using factory calibrated KB controls?


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