Motor Vibration Causes Major Problems

Motor Vibration Causes Major Problems


A large metal recycling customer had problems with motors, bearings and coupling failures on a large 600 HP recycling dust control fan.


An IBT customer had been having problems with one of their larger pieces of equipment, a 600 HP dust control fan. They requested IBT’s Industrial Maintenance Technologies (IMT) department analyze the machinery to see what the solution would be for their equipment failure problems.


In this case, the main challenge was to identify the problem, come up with a plan to fix it, and finish the repairs in just 2 days. The pressure was on for this repair; the short timeframe was due to the fact that there were only 3 days left of the company’s scheduled maintenance shutdown for the year.


IMT inspected the unit and found that the motor base was inadequate and had cracks in the foundation, which caused the motor to vibrate excessively.

IMT contracted a local machine shop in which they use for fabrication projects to build a new base to specification on short notice. Then, IMT department performed the following:

  • Removed the old base
  • Installed a new base and grouted it into the concrete structure
  • Installed new spherical roller bearings on the fan unit
  • Installed a new gear coupling and precision laser-aligned the motor to the fan unit
  • Balanced the fan wheel
  • Completed a baseline vibration analysis on the unit


IMT had finished the job before the 2 day deadline so the customer was up and running without any unscheduled downtime. The fan unit is now running trouble-free.

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