New Innovative Hydraulic Training System

New Innovative Hydraulic Training System

Built by the Fluid Power Training Institute, the new model MF101D-TSE fluid power training device is a computerized training system specially created to teach students in a classroom. The device helps facilitate learning comprehensive theoretical knowledge and practical insight into all aspects of hydraulic systems.

The teaching program also includes troubleshooting exercises which are embedded in an onboard PLC. Almost every component on the trainer has an integrated solenoid valve which, when activated by the PLC, makes one or more components experience a “wear-related” problem.

When a student selects a given exercise, a system schematic appears on the screen for the student to construct. Upon completion, the student touches “enter” and a list of symptoms appear on the touch-screen. The symptoms are like those a technician gets from discussing a problem with an operator.

When the student touches “enter” again, the system schematic re-appears and the computer automatically sets the faults in one or more components. The student uses actual diagnostic equipment to test and evaluate “suspect” components. Once the defective component(s) is found, the student simply touches the symbol for the component on the screen and automatically fixes the problem.

There is absolutely no easier way to learn to learn how to troubleshoot hydraulic components – even when compared to working on an actual hydraulic system!

The model MF101-TSE comprises the following features:

  • Touch-screen control
  • Virtual load at the push of a button
  • Both conventional open-center and pressure manifold environments
  • On-board pressure/leak component test system
  • One trainer for teaching both basic/intermediate and troubleshooting hydraulics
  • Caters to Industrial and Mobile hydraulics
  • Exclusive quick-disconnect safety covers
  • Turn-key system – includes student and instructor workbooks, dynamic PowerPoint CDs, interactive CDs, and unparalleled support
  • Train-the-Trainer workshops
  • No product bias
  • Extensive “safety-based” curriculum for mobile and industrial hydraulics
  • Available with complete electronics package
  • Optional bolt-on accessory plate allows you to add components at your convenience
  • Swing-out power unit for comprehensive pump testing
  • Swing-out hose caddy
  • Stand-alone trainers add flexibility to your training needs:
  • Steering/Closed-Loop (Hydrostatic) Trainer
  • Pressure Compensated and/or Load Sensing Trainer
  • Cavitation Trainer
  • Pressure/Leak Component Test Trainer

IBT offers hydraulic training programs that utilize this computerized training system. Contact Gary Hense for additional details.


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