New PLC Training Academy

New PLC Training Academy

Participants in this 2-day class from will learn to manage their own PLCs—so they can better handle the rapidly changing demands on the factory floor.


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What Will You Get from This Class?

Each participant will learn maintenance, troubleshooting, and basic programming of PLCs in a hands-on, learning lab environment that emulates real-world applications. After completing the class, maintenance personnel will be able to:

  • Connect to a PLC
  • Review a program running in a PLC
  • Initiate a troubleshooting routine
  • Make basic adjustments to a PLC program to improve operations

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Topics Covered

The following topics are covered in this 2-day class:

  • Introduction to PLCs
  • I/O features and functionality
  • Hardware components
  • Operating systems
  • I/O process data
  • Ethernet fundamentals
  • Advanced electronics
  • IEC61131 features, libraries, and programming
  • Ladder diagram application
  • Writing function blocks
  • Programming in structured text
  • PFC programming—serial and Ethernet communications

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Course Requirements

This training class includes several hands-on exercises with programming software and Ethernet-based controllers, so we ask that each student brings a laptop with a working Ethernet port and a USB port (or serial communications port). All software is supplied as part of class.

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Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for maintenance personnel who are responsible for managing and troubleshooting their factory PLC. While it is ideal for personnel with little or no experience, even experienced programmers will benefit from the course.

Class Fees, Location, and Hours

Class runs from 8:30-4:30 both days. Total class time is 2 days.

$1,295 fee includes tuition, all training materials, class instruction, learning labs, and lunch for 2 days.

IBT can also arrange for reasonably priced overnight accommodations for any participants. See a current class schedule.

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