This Matrix AC Drive from Yaskawa Changed the Game

This Matrix AC Drive from Yaskawa Changed the Game

Did you know: top-quality brand, Yaskawa, was the first company to produce AC drives that offered direct AC-to-AC conversion?  The Industrial Matrix U1000 Drive’s unprecedented energy savings and innovative “built-in” IEEE519 harmonic compliance caused quite a stir in the industry.Yaskawa drive1

Revolutionary Product

“We’re on the cutting edge of this technology—but it’s only a matter of time before AC-to-AC direct power conversion becomes the standard in AC drive technology,” said Mike Grant, a Sales Engineer at Yaskawa America, Inc. when the tech first came out.

The U1000 matrix drive hit the market at the end of 2014.  However, Yaskawa had circulated an earlier version of the drive for several years, with excellent results.

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Amazing Energy Savings

The benefit of this drive is that it can actually funnel extra energy generated by the motor—and send it back into the system—for tremendous energy and cost savings.  In traditional AC drives, this regenerated energy was burned off as heat, through the use of dynamic braking resistors.

Another traditional AC drive solution for such applications required complicated and component-rich regenerative add-on electronics. These devices would return the regenerative energy to the system.

Yaskawa drive2The Yaskawa U1000 matrix technology offers direct AC conversion back to the line. This feature is standard and built directly into the Matrix drive. No externally mounted hardware, reactors or fuses are required.

Up to 65% Reduction in Size

The Matrix U1000 also offers a number of other significant advantages over traditional AC drives, including:

  • Compact size (up to a 65% reduction)
  • Better efficiency (with up to 19% less system losses)
  • Lower harmonics (complies with IEEE519 at drive input terminals)
  • Better “true power” factor
  • Direct AC-to-AC conversion


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