NOSHOK Valves Receive Patent For Innovative New Valve Design

NOSHOK Valves Receive Patent For Innovative New Valve Design

NOSHOK has been awarded a patent for an innovative new valve design, which features a unique body-to-bonnet metal-to-metal seal that significantly increases the pressure range of the valve without compromising the flow. This design also helps to maintain the integrity of the bonnet threads by segregating them from the process media. (Patent No. US 7,758,014 B2)

The body seal incorporates a dovetail undercut below the seal that improves the metal-to-metal contact forces as pressures increase, as well as a dual outlet orifice to maximize fluid flow. These novel design features increase the pressure limits of the valve to 10,000 psi, which is significantly higher than similar-sized miniature needle valves.

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NOSHOK valves that incorporate this patented design include their 100 series hard seat mini valves and 800/850 series bleed valves. Also included are the 2-valve static pressure manifolds, including 2070/ 2170 2-valve block & bleed valves, 200002/ 210002 & 200402/ 210402 series 2-valve narrow block & bleed valves, 2602/2702 series 2-valve mini block & bleed valves, and 2603/2703 series & 2604/2704 series 2-valve mini block & bleed valves (.156″ orifice); as well as 3610/3710 series 3-valve differential pressure mini valves and all of our 5-valve natural gas manifolds.

All NOSHOK valves are 100% helium leak tested to 1 x 10-4 ml/s for guaranteed performance and reliability.

NOSHOK, Inc. is a leading supplier of pressure, level, temperature and force measurement instrumentation, along with needle & manifold valves, serving major industries around the world. Products include pressure gauges, pressure and temperature transmitters, transducers & indicators, pressure switches, needle valves, manifold valves, pressure snubbers, bimetal thermometers, force measurement sensors and diaphragm seals. These products meet and exceed the application requirements of OEM’s and industrial users seeking exceptional quality, reliability and value.


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