Pro Model 12 Volt Cordless Grease Gun

Pro Model 12 Volt Cordless Grease Gun

AlemiteThe cordless Alemite 575 is the most innovative grease gun ever designed, giving you faster more efficient lubrication:

  • High-Pressure Delivery: up to 6500 psi
  • High Flow Rate: 5.25 ounces
  • 3-Way Loading: 14-ounce cartridge, 16 ounces bulk or suction loaded
  • Lightweight: 6.8 lbs

The Alemite cordless grease gun is available with one or two batteries:  Model 575-A (Single Battery) and Model 575-B (Dual Battery).


  • cordless grease gunHigh-torque 12V motor
  • High-Capacity 12V NiCd Battery (1500 mAH)
  • Chrome-plated barrel with patented Automatic Universal Follower
  • 3′ ultra-flexible hose (8,000 psi working pressure) with industrial grease coupler
  • Air bleeder valve
  • Convenient grease cartridge holder (grease not included)
  • High-glow check valve with easy access port
  • One-hour fast charger
  • Heavy duty carrying case
  • Convenient attachment for carrying strap (strap optional; part# 339812)
  • Optimized air flow to maximize motor cooling

Wherever you need lubrication – from the construction site to the plant floor to the farm – the Alemite cordless grease gun is the solution for you.

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