Productivity and Solutions For Fluid Power

Productivity and Solutions For Fluid Power

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For many reasons, almost all companies want to raise productivity. Getting more output with less input is a fundamental management principle. With the continuing prospect of challenging economic conditions, it makes even more sense to study your operations and seek productivity improvements wherever you can find them.

One good place to look for more productivity is through increasing your use of fluid power systems, both hydraulic and pneumatic.

The case for fluid power is easy to make.

It works well with automation. One central controller, with either manual or computer operation, can rapidly and accurately turn machinery on or off, or regulate speed, or control the flow of goods in a larger system.

Fluid power has constant torque or force, regardless of speed changes. In this way, it is superior to mechanical or electrical energy. This is regardless of whether the work output operates at high rpm – or moves just a few inches per hour. And, it can control forces of up to hundreds of horsepower – and to close tolerances.

Fluid power can also multiply force. Think about how the pressure of your foot on the brake pedal of your car or truck can bring the vehicle, weighing as much as three tons or more – to a smooth and rapid stop.

Fluid power systems are simple, with fewer moving parts. This makes them more reliable and easier to maintain. This can also add to their safety and economy of operation.

Fluid power has other advantages, as well. One is flexibility. Any place a hose or pipe can go, fluid power can go. The limitations of geometry that influence other designs is not a problem with fluid power.

In addition, fluid power has the advantage of less noise and vibration. And, it is versatile.

If you are using fluid power and want to explore ways to use it more effectively, IBT can help.

And, if you are not using fluid power at all, you really should talk to us. We are highly experienced fluid power people and can provide a problem-solving approach, backed up by technical expertise and the parts and equipment you need to get the job done. Find out how we can help you increase productivity through fluid power applications.


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