Proper Shaft Alignment with IBT’s Industrial Maintenance Technologies

Proper Shaft Alignment with IBT’s Industrial Maintenance Technologies

shaft alignmentMachinery shaft alignment is critical to machine reliability. IBT’s Industrial Maintenance Technologies (IMT) Department reveals that in a best case scenario, machinery experiences coupling failure and premature bearing wear. At worst, machinery vibrates apart and causes a catastrophic failure. The proper shaft alignment can help avoid these circumstances.

Unfortunately, shaft alignment is often overlooked on new installation and existing machinery. On new equipment, the manufacturer aligns the unit in the factory and recommends the unit be rechecked after installation. This is due to the stress applied to the unit during transit and installation, which can have a major effect on the shaft alignment. Another factor to consider is pipe strain, which can effect not only shaft alignment, but also bearing alignment. Strain caused by improper installation and mis-aligned flanges can cause distortion in the housings enough to mis-align bearing bores and cause excessive loads on the bearings.

The same strain also can happen on existing machines due to piping changes down stream or from settling of bases or connected equipment. Existing machines should have the alignment checked periodically to avoid undue strain. This is why the IMT department recommends periodically checking alignment on all equipment – new and old.

To schedule a complete assessment of your plant’s equipment, contact Chris Treat at the Industrial Maintenance Technologies Department.



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