ACEolator Line of Products | Reduced Vibrations for Longer Tool + Machine Life

ACEolator Line of Products | Reduced Vibrations for Longer Tool + Machine Life

Things go wrong when machines experience heavy vibrations.  The new ACEolator line of products by ACE Controls, Inc., was launched in 2013 to reduce the vibrations of machines and other equipment in your plant.


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“Machines and system applications can underperform with too much vibration,” said Tracy Bush, the North American Product Manager for ACE Controls, Inc.  “Our product line helps isolate those vibrations and get their machines to perform longer and stronger.”

Why Minimize Vibrations?

So what’s the big deal?  According to Bush, noise reduction and vibration are becoming an important topic in maximizing operational performance.  There are several reasons to prevent noise emissions and harmful vibrations, such as:

  • Longer tool and machine life
  • Increased production and speed
  • Improved product quality
  • Protecting delicate measuring and testing equipment
  • Improved working conditions for employees

Where to Use It

The ACEolator products work well on virtually any type of equipment—including control cabinets, conveyor systems, and pneumatic systems, said Mukta Sharma, a Marketing Specialist for ACE Controls.  They have been used in a variety of industries, such as:

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Fluid power
  • Oil and gas
  • Medical labs
  • Aerospace

Rubber-Metal Isolators

ACEolator-Rubber-Metal IsolatorsIdeal for conveyor systems, heavy machinery, power unit cabinets, compressors, motors, and off-road vehicles.  The ACEolator line offers high-performance equipment elements in the mounts to protect against damaging vibrations by providing low natural frequencies, such as:

  • Cup mounts
  • Leveling mounts
  • Bubble mounts
  • Universal mounts

Vibration Isolating Pads

ACEolator Pad 2An engineered solution designed and custom cut per project to provide damping of structure-borne noise and reduce transmitted vibrations in foundations of machinery, pump stations, measuring tables, generators, compressors, presses, and more.  Available in:


  • SLAB—patented formula designed to absorb shock loads and reduce transmitted vibrations, effectively reducing structure-borne noise
  • CEL—low frequency damping pad provides natural low frequencies in the vertical and horizontal (as low as 3-5 Hz), for vibration isolation
  • PAD—breaks the vibration transmission path by providing natural low frequency (as low as 12 Hz), to absorb shock impact and provide material damping

Low-Frequency Pneumatic Leveling Mount

  • The PLM (Pneumatic Leveling Mount)—easy level-control air springs provide a natural frequency (as low as 3 Hz) for measured low frequency vibrations; plus shock control for high-speed punch presses, fans, generators, measuring machines, and more
  • The PAL (Pneumatic Isolator with Automatic Level Control)—height-adjustable and level-controlled air springs provide low-frequency isolation for precision manufacturing equipment, metrology instruments, microscopes, MRIs—or any location that requires precise measurement; often used with automotive and aircraft testing (standard models provide as low as 1.7 Hz natural frequency, with custom isolators reaching as low as 0.5 Hz)

Free VibroChecker App Selects Correct Product

Picture 1-ACE VibroChecker_ScreensACE Controls has also launched a free app call VibroChecker that measures vibration and assists in choosing the right damping product from the ACEolator line.

“The ACEolator product line has been very well-received by our customers since its launch in summer 2013,” Sharma said.  “Our goal is to educate customers on all the tools available to help them deal with the vibration issue.”

About ACE Controls, Inc.

Ace Controls, founded in 1963, introduced the first adjustable industrial shock absorber to the market. Over 50 years later, the company’s portfolio now includes:  automation control, motion control, vibration control, and safety products. ACE’s experienced, local support team is focused on finding the right solution for each customer. The company’s products are everywhere, from the bottom of the ocean to the sky above.  ACE is headquartered in Farmington Hills, with representative offices in 45 countries on all continents.  For more information, visit

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