Rust-Oleum Is For Floors, Too

Rust-Oleum Is For Floors, Too

Rust-Oleum® is one of the world’s best known brands. Its superior performance in rust protection has earned the product a well deserved place at the head of the class. But Rust-Oleum is not just for protecting metal anymore.

IBT General Industrial Supply distributes Rust-Oleum and offers a full range of products including heavy duty floor coatings. The Rust-Oleum line is particularly effective at coating and protecting concrete floors. Rust-Oleum Concrete Protection Systems are the most durable on the market when it comes to protecting concrete in harsh industrial environments.

They have recently introduced three new products:

  • Green Concrete Prime & Seal
  • OverKote E-100 TX
  • UltraWearTM Urethane

Green Concrete Prime & Seal:

This new Rust-Oleum product combines the functions of a curing agent, sealer and permanent primer in one product. It can be applied after 8 hours of pouring the slab, and is ready for topcoating after only an additional 8 hours of dry time. With Green Concrete Prime & Seal, you can go from green concrete to a finished floor in less than 48 hours.

    Green Concrete Prime & Seal:

  • Applies easily, dries quickly
  • Does not have to be removed prior to coating like traditional sealers
  • Requires only one coat
  • Has a large topcoating window – same day or up to 28 days
  • Strengthens concrete through hydration
  • Provides excellent bond strength to green concrete, exceeding the strength of concrete
  • Eliminates the cost of curing compounds and the labor to apply them
  • Eliminates the cost of 28 days of downtime
  • Eliminates the cost of shot blasting, estimated at $0.30-$0.50 per square foot

OverKote½ E-100 TX

New to the Overkote E-100 series, “TX” uses a proprietary resin system to create a textured two-component 100% solids anti-slip floor coating.

Ideal applications include high traffic areas, wet process areas, areas requiring slip resistance or areas exposed to chemicals and abrasion. This advanced technology creates a highly textured floor coating that maintains its “like new” look over a long period, while performing well in harsh environments.

Available Colors: Black; Dark Gray; Dunes Tan; Light Gray; Navy Gray; Super Light Gray; or Tile Red.

UltraWearTM Urethane

When you need to create a long-lasting barrier between busy facility floors and the concrete and get excellent protection for everyday wear in high traffic areas, turn to UltraWear Urethane. It also protects the floor from mild chemicals

The three-component polyurethane floor coating contains proprietary fillers to enhance wear and traction, outperforming the ordinary urethanes. Ideal applications include interior areas such as aisles, walkways, storage areas and light-duty manufacturing plants.

    UltraWear Urethane:

  • Outlasts standard urethane and epoxy coatings
  • Withstands heavy everyday wear
  • Applies easily and dries quickly
  • Has a lightly textured finish that helps prevent slips
  • Hides slight concrete imperfections

In addition to these new products, Rust-Oleum also has a well-established line of other floor protection products with tenacious surface adherence.

Most Rust-Oleum concrete protection products can be applied to 10-day-old or damp concrete. Most are 100% solids with low odor, enabling application during working hours to minimize downtime. In general, floors finished with these Rust-Oleum products are more durable than concrete, withstanding loads and impact that would destroy uncoated concrete floors.

All Rust-Oleum floor coatings and toppings are VOC compliant.

To learn more about Rust-Oleum Heavy Duty Floor Coatings, contact IBT General Industrial Supply for full details.


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