Shaft Collars – How Small Parts Work & Keep Our World Moving Forward

Shaft Collars – How Small Parts Work & Keep Our World Moving Forward

Bearing Limited shaft collarsShaft collars …this small and vital tool is something most of us overlook, and you might not even know it existed. This small piece is likely used in every plant or manufacturer that made your, well….everything.

From processing your favorite foods to your keeping up your kid’s playground, and even your daily exercise equipment… you probably didn’t know you were consuming products that were all made using shaft collars. 

Why Shaft Collars?

Well, that’s because shaft collars have wildly diverse uses. They can be used in almost any plant or manufacturing facility. While it is a pretty small part overall, it is most commonly used as a mechanical stop to hold pulleys, bearings, and sprockets in place. And it is used every day in plants and facilities across the world. Shaft collars are most commonly used as a mechanical stop, but can also be used for spacing, and locating components or bearing faces. 

A few common types of shaft collars

Set Screwshaft collars

Set screw shaft collars are an economical choice. These shaft collars typically have a single cup point set screw that impinges the shaft and requires you to disassemble to shaft components for installation and replacement. 


A one-piece shaft collar has more holding power than a set screw collar with a single recessed screw that doesn’t mar the shaft but that also requires disassembly of shaft components when replaced. 


Two-piece shaft collars have the most holding power. Their recessed screws also do not mar the shaft and they can easily be replaced without disassembling other components. 

These common parts are vital to a whole stream of manufacturers and facilities around the world and are used each and every single day. Most of us, if we look around, can probably find a shaft collar lurking in our home, or garage, or workplace. And while there haven’t been many drastic innovations to shaft collars, sometimes it’s the small tweaks and refinements that make an impact. 

Our partner and supplier, Bearings Limited, has just released their all-new line of shaft collars with improved features. Making this effective, everyday component even better! Focusing on the two most popular types of shaft collars, IBT is proud to bring you their brand-new TRITAN® Set Screw and Two-Piece Shaft Collars. 


TRITAN® Set Screw Shaft Collar

  • Traditional, cost-effective design 
  • Complete with standard hollow point set screw

TRITAN® Two-Piece Clamp Style Shaft Collar

  • Easily installed in complex applications
  • Greater holding power than solid set screws or one-piece clamp style collars
  • Fully engages without marring the shaft
  • Effective on hard or soft shafts

Like IBT, Bearings Limited has been around for a while. They know how to stand the test of time, and so do their parts! 

Sure, shaft collars might not be the hottest talk of the neighborhood right now…or maybe ever, but when you need it, it’s going to be all you can think about. When that time comes, remember IBT is here for you. When you’ve got a problem we’re here to help. 


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