Personal Skills Development & The Cost of Not Engaging Employees

Personal Skills Development & The Cost of Not Engaging Employees

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Research shows that employees who feel “engaged” with their leader and work take 60% fewer sick days—and are 87% less likely to leave their organization.

The key?  Supervisors and managers who have the right cost-of-engagingskills to keep employees feeling engaged.

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Employee Attitude Correlates to Leader

“There has been a lot of research done around the area of employee attitude,” said Norm Evans, Vice-President of Personal Skills Development.  He and President Dave Schlechte have built a career—and a 32-year business—out of helping companies improve their bottom-line profits and productivity by helping employees work better with each other.

“We’ve found that 70% of employees’ attitudes come from the attitude of their leader,” Evans said.  “Unfortunately, many times top performers are promoted to a leadership position without any training in how to support or encourage employee engagement.”

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How to Engage Employees

In order to engage employees and improve productivity, Evans recommends that leaders stop relying on “position power” to gain influence with their teams, and instead focus on delivering positive, honest feedback on a regular basis.

“Most new leaders don’t realize that your job title doesn’t earn you power,” Evans said.  “It’s your personal influence that you gain using your communications skills.”

Cost of Losing Employees

There is a steep cost for organizations that don’t engage their employees.  Besides the sick days and turnover, it costs a business an average of 6 months’ salary to replace an hourly employee—or 18 months’ salary to replace a senior employee.

“Most managers make the mistake of giving error-activated feedback,” Schlechte said.  “In other words, employees only hear from their leaders when they do something wrong.  Feedback needs to be more balanced.”

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4 Levels of Leadership

Evans added that there are 4 levels of leadership required to engage employees.  They are:

  1. Leading oneself—how to control self-talk and handle daily challenges in a positive way—to set a positive tone with the team.
  2. Leading others—understanding how to communicate more effectively with the team, since research shows that 55% of that leader’s message is coming from body language, 38% is tone, and only 7% is words.
  3. Leading teams—knowing that all teams go through 4 stages of evolution:  Form, Storm, Norm, and Perform.  “This is a totally normal process,” Evans said.  “Leaders just need to learn how to work through this.”
  4. Leading work culture—understanding how to influence culture as a leader, and understanding how culture impacts work performance.

Do You Have These 5 Productivity Factors?

Evans said that work culture is improved—and productivity goes up—if the following 5 factors are in place:

  • Strategic goals—do you have a clear vision and mission that everyone knows?
  • Individual goals—can each employee see how his or her goals contribute to the organization?
  • Feedback—are leaders giving balanced, positive, and timely feedback?
  • Rewards—everyone likes different rewards.  Are you rewarding staff individually?
  • Support—what support do employees get from their leaders?

About Personal Skills Development

Schlechte and Evans have helped businesses improve their productivity, profitability, morale, and turnover for more than 32 years through their business, Personal Skills Development.  They also offer a number of training classes for employees, managers, sales staff, customer service staff, and executives, including:  “Motivating for Results,” “Coaching for Performance,” “Meeting Leadership Challenges,” and “Building Relationship Versatility.”

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