Brand New Ways To Go Green

Brand New Ways To Go Green

Going green isn’t just a fad or a slogan or the notion of some fringe environmental movement. It’s a valid business strategy and has become part of mainstream business.

Going green is about savings: energy, environment and money. Also, it isn’t that hard to do. In fact, many of us have already started turning green without necessarily willing it.

Improved gas mileage, which has had governmental mandates, is one example. So is the use of blended fuels using ethanol, which has also been mandated in some areas.

Energy-saving light bulbs, like compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), have also become commercially successful and popular with businesses and consumers. They generate equal illumination with the use of considerable less wattage. The equivalent illumination of a 100 watt conventional incandescent bulb is achieved with a 27 watt CFL.

Start or expand recycling programs, reduce energy consumption and use environmentally friendly packaging solutions and reusable containers are good starts.

There are also other eco-friendly actions that require more of an investment.

For example, select higher efficiency helical and bevel gearboxes from the Dodge product line. Quantis Gold reducers are more efficient than many work reducers; allowing use of a lower HP drive motor for the same torque output.

Servo motors and drives are inherently more efficient than regular motors. Plus they can increase productivity – units produced per kWh.

Utilizing environmentally friendly products will become increasingly important in the years ahead. For example, janitorial and sanitary supplies are becoming more environmentally friendly. Selecting these products lowers the environmental impact by reducing the waste stream and producing less potentially harmful effluent.

Devices like the Walter Bio-CircleTM IO-400 Parts Cleaning System remove solvents from the parts cleaning process and operate on a bio-degradable basis.

Consider an eco-friendly product in your next purchase, or ask about green or high efficiency industrial products that are available.


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